About us

New surf wear brand

Endemic Surfwhere? focuses on bringing iconic local surf imagery and culture to life through art and fashion. 

With each of our respective clothing and art lines we seek to keep profits in the hands of local photographers and artists alike. 

Currently we are 3 simple guys with the plan to take a large scale brand idea and focus it at a local level. Each of our clothing lines will feature specific iconic imagery from a popular surf town or area. We have been inspired to start this project based on our love for the ocean and surfing, as well as the feeling one gets when they have a connection to their local area. Nothing about the current clothing industry gets us excited because there is simply zero connection with the big brands that are, day to day, trying to sell us with photos of pro surfers and the like. 

New surf brand new surf wear brand new surf wear brand
Chris Carrozza Bob Davis Kurt Hoenecke

Surfboard Shaper, Surfer, Husband and Dad. Loves to cook, fish and travel. 

Surfboard builder, Surfer, Husband, Father, Web marketing guy. 

Graphic Artist, Surfer, Husband and Dad. Loves fishing and surfing. 

My Favorite shirt from Endemic Surfhwere?

I remember the day we shot this photo. The waves where small but the conditions where hot and sunny with light offshore winds. I remember walking down under the pier and seeing little knee high waves breaking on both sides of the pier. My partner Kurt was walking behind me and snapped this photo. We had planned on shooting surf photos this morning and while we did get some cool shots, it was this photo that became our Huntington Beach Pier T shirt. It just has that classic vibe to it. We try to put this kind of vibe into all our t shirts and hats. 


My favorite shirt from Endemic surfwhere?

This T Shirt we shot down on the train tracks near upper trestles, for our Trestles T shirt Collection. I was walking along the tracks to get a better view of uppers and lowers. Our resident photog Kurt was walking behind as usual and he snapped this shot off. I think this shirt really exemplifies the trestles experience because know matter if you are surfing uppers or lowers your gonna cross those famous tracks, smell that tar from the railroad and hopefully see waves peeling across the reefs.


My favorite shirt from Endemic Surfwhere? 

I love this Shirt! Ive spent so many days down at San Onofre. The vibe down there is so great. Everybody has a smile on their face, people share waves and drop in on each other. Despite the crashes and bangs, most people chalk it up to the whole San Onofre experience. Personally, Ive spent many afternoons nursing sunburns, heeling sore paddle muscles and enjoying the occasional beer under this very shack that we used for this shirt from our San Onofre T Shirt Collection




We will be launching with our "Huntington Beach Apparel" product line of locally inspired clothing and art very soon. You can look for us at the Huntington Beach street fair on Tuesday nights as well. 

In the meantime you can check us out on our social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram for weekly contest and other happenings with the Endemic Surfwhere? brand.